Support at 40 hours/month
Investment starting at $2,000/month

Package Two.

I've got you covered!

That space between you and a junior designer?

Support at 20 hours/month
Investment starting at $1,000/month

Package One.

From the initial inquiry to the delivery of the final files, this package is created to help you with client work overflow. You became a designer to do just that: DESIGN. The admin and repetitive tasks take away from that. My goal with this service is to allow you more time to design and truly enjoy your business. 

Design Assistant Services

Let’s get your client onboarded properly & efficiently. Contracts signed, deposits completed and questionnaires filled out - I can help make sure that your project stays on track within your own structure and that nothing gets lost in the cracks.

Client Onboarding

I have extensive experience with Squarespace + Showit websites!

You’ve handled the design, let me help with the small edits your clients may have along the way. From filling out FAQ pages to updating contact forms or adding in a privacy policy to the website footer (just to name a few), let me handle those tasks.

Client Web Revisions

Ensure that your client has the right instructions on how to use their new brand through a complete style guide. Just share your file with me and I can handle putting in the color codes, heading guidelines, client fonts, and everything in between.

Finalizing style guides

That gorgeous project you poured your heart and soul into? Is it still living on that Adobe Illustrator artboard and not in your client’s inbox? Let me help with that! I can make sure your client has the proper files for print, web and more.

Packaging final files

What could be involved in a design assistant package?

4 blog posts
4 Reels/TikToks
4 Instagram Story Sets
20 Instagram captions
30 Pinterest graphics and captions
Investment $1,650

Package Two.

2 blog posts
2 Reels/TikToks
2 Instagram Story Sets
12 Instagram captions
15 Pinterest graphics and captions
Investment $1,000

Package One.

In between client work and the admin stuff behind the scenes, there leaves little time for content creation. You are busy helping paying clients and don’t have the brain space to write a social media caption, let alone an entire blog post. My content creation support package is available for my clients who need extra help in the social media department. I can develop concepts, create blog posts, schedule content and stay consistent with your posting.

Content Creation Support

Looking for something a bit more custom with your posting schedule?
No worries. Just let me know!

It's Handled!

Struggling to keep up to date on your content?

Pinterest is the place to be to feature your work and share your expertise! We will develop a consistent uploading schedule and I can handle the captions, graphics, and ensuring each post is linked back to your website or blog!


Let’s bump up your website’s SEO with some blog post content. We will develop content ideas that are geared to your industry. I will develop blog outlines that you will review and approve before I get to work on the copywriting.


From featuring your work to sharing more about your services, we will work to create a content calendar that keeps your posting consistent and fresh! I can handle idea generation, copywriting, graphics, and image sourcing. 


What is involved in social media, Pinterest, & Blog Support?

What's the process look like?

The specific day-to-day process for each client is customized to that client. Every biz has different needs, even when in the same industry, I get it. We will chat through what routines/processes work best for both of us, test it out, and make adjustments as needed!

See below for the specific inquiry process steps :)

Getting on the Books

With your contract signature and retainer paid, you are officially on the books! We will start prepping for a seamless transition until your start date. Then of course, once your start date rolls around, that's when my team gets moving on tasks to make your life easier, so you can get back to focusing on the creativity :)

On the books

Step Five.

After our call, I'll send over a contract and invoice that reflects the suggested package we chatted about. 


Step Four.

After reading through your inquiry, I'll shoot you over some more deets on my packages, and then we will hop on a call to dive into your goals in working with a VA, as well as to get to know each other better :)

1:1 call

Step Three.

Next up, head to the Inquire Page, and fill out the contact form! Not only do I love to hear about other business journey's, it's helpful for me to prep relevant material for our discovery call!


Step Two.

First things first, it's important to browse through the website to see if your needs align with what I offer! If I don't mention the exact service you're looking for, don't hesitate to shoot me an email to see if it's in my team's wheelhouse.


Step One.

Does it sounds like my team can work some magic on your work life balance? I'd love to hear your biz story and the obstacles keeping you from living in that creative passion that got you here in the first place.

Okay, yes, I need you on my team asap!!