Quick Tips for Wedding Registries

So you are about to get married, CONGRATS! It is a super exciting time, but it can come with a long to-do list as well. One of those "to-do's" is completing your wedding registry. It's fun picking out dishes and selecting your silverware, but it can honestly be pretty exhausting (speaking from experience here). Check out my quick tips for getting your registry done for all of those showers and parties! 

Quick Tip #1 - Come up with a game plan. 

Select the spots you want to register for ahead of time. Try to narrow down your stores to 3-4 options. This can provide your friends and wedding guests with multiple places to shop, but it won't be as overwhelming for you and your future husband to visit all of those stores to scan. 

Quick Tip #2 - Create your wish list before walking in the door. 

Keith and I came up with a Google sheets document with all of the items we wanted to add to our registry. We researched options and added to the list. After we thought of the gifts we wanted to register for, I broke down the items into groups based on which store I thought would carry the best options for that item. For example, Keith and I had been to Bed Bath & Beyond before to purchase bathroom towels for another couple's registry, so I put our bathroom towels on our "Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping List". I downloaded the Google Sheets iPhone app so I could check off items as we went. You can also print out your document if that is easier for you! 

 Example of what my Google Sheets looked like! 

Example of what my Google Sheets looked like! 

Quick Tip #3 - Ask around for gift ideas. 

When I was preparing our registry, I texted a few of my married friends asking what they wished they would have asked for. This can help fill any gaps that Google searches don't recommend. 

Quick Tip #4 - Be smart about what time you shop. 

Keith and I tried to pack in three stores in one day. BIG mistake. We made it through two stores, but we were pretty grumpy towards the end due to lack of food and rest. I would recommend breaking it down to one store a week or something like that so it isn't as overwhelming. Make sure you get ready to scan after a meal. I recommend after lunchtime and then maybe celebrate finishing a registry with dinner. It will prevent you or your fiancé from being "hangry" during the process. 

Quick Tip #5 - Make it fun. 

My type-A personality enjoyed taking control of the checklist, while Keith liked to scan the items. I will admit, I wanted to take a swing at the scan gun, but I was honestly just happy to have Keith there to help me decide what coffeemaker to get. We celebrated finishing a registry with ice cream or renting a movie. Our treats at the end were like the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Good luck with your registry! It can be fun, but be prepared! This will save you time and help you and your fiancé be less stressed about the process. 

Atlanta Bucket List

Starting next week, I will be in Atlanta, GA until December. That may seem like a long time, but I am sure it will fly by. So in preparation, I created my Atlanta Bucket List of must-see spots and things to do. Exploring Birmingham has been so much fun over the past year and I am excited to check out some different places in Georgia. 

Atlanta Bucket List

Ponce City Market

This one is a given. This is a relatively newer place in the city, but it looks amazing. I have multiple spots to hit up here, see below. 

  1. Archer Paper Goods - I saw "paper goods" in the Ponce City Market directory and I was sold. Me and paper goods are great friends. I am a little obsessed. 
  2. Citizen Supply - I have been meaning to check out this pace for a while. They have awesome vendors in their store. 
  3. The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar - I am pretty depressed that I am leaving behind my favorite coffeeshops in Birmingham. I know, I know, Atlanta has some great coffeeshops too, but they aren't 20 minutes or less from my house. However, I am pretty excited to check out The Dancing Goats Coffee Bar. 
  4. General Assembly - I have been looking at the events and classes on the General Assembly Atlanta website and I have a couple that I want to mark off my calendar for. Like "Paid Social Media 101" or "Google Analytics" or "Blogging 101: How to Create a Successful Blog & Make Money Doing It." Good stuff right there. 

Condesa Coffee

I am planning on working a lot from home with my freelance business and virtual assistant stuff, but the occasional field trip to a coffeeshop might do me good. This spot will be one of those trips for sure. 

High Museum of Art 

I have been meaning to go to this museum for years now, so now is as good of a time as any to check it out. Their modern art collection has great selection of stuff to check out. This one might have to be an all day trip. I could spend hours in a museum reading all of the object descriptions and just taking it all in. 

Do you have any suggestions for me to add to the list? Tweet them at me here