The Ideal Work Week

As I have started to get into the swing of things with going full time with my business, I have been working on what an ideal work week looks like. I find during hard hitting season of client work and projects, I can sometimes forget to work on my own business. Keeping things going for your business is crucial to keeping client inquiries coming in and making sure your client roster is always full.


Coming up with the list has been a collaborative effort with my assistant Suusen of Full Bloom Creative. She did some awesome research and adjusted some of the tasks based on my requests. Check out what we came up with below! Some of these ideas repeat, but I make sure to explain each idea! Also - be sure to download my weekly planner freebie at the end of this post to plan your own ideal work week!


  • Email - pretty self-explanatory, but the key here is to limit how much time you spend in your inbox. Set a timer and stick to it. You can waste SO much time in your inbox if you let yourself get carried away with this.

  • Spam Folder - No need to check this every day, but make sure to pop in a few times each week, just to make sure you aren’t missing an important message by accident.

  • Expenses tracking - This is a task that can certainly slip through the cracks for me. Do not let this pile up! By staying on top of expenses, you are able to have a better picture of where exactly your money is going. Another thing to do during this time is track your mileage! I use QuickBook Self Employed and it has interfaces for both areas of biz tracking.

  • Income tracking - See how much money you have coming in each month! This time of the your work week can also be dedicated to reviewing upcoming invoices and seeing which invoices are overdue. Sometimes during the crazier seasons of business, you can forget following up with a past due invoice. Don’t let clients get too close to that due date without a reminder!


  • Email

  • Learning + Development + Brainstorming - Biggest tip for business owners - never stop learning. Dedicate weekly time to catch up with the latest in your industry. Finally finish that course you bought months ago. Again, make sure to set a time limit on this and close out those other tabs. Fully focus on what is in front of you during this time! This is also a great opportunity to continue investing in your business skills.


  • Email

  • Organize - The key to the success of my business is the systems that I have put into place. Google Drive, Dubsado, Trello, and more are my go-tos, but keeping them organized is crucial to keeping things running smoothly. Weekly take time to put things in the right place, remove items from your desktop that can be discarded, update softwares as needed.


  • Email

  • Content Creation - Making sure you have a steady flow of content is a huge priority for business owners. It varies per business, but the premise is still the same. On Thursdays, I take time to create blog posts or write out social media content. I try to create stuff for up to two weeks in advance so I am not cramming in a blog post the day of. I also rotate social media and blog posts each week. It helps me get into a certain writing mindset! Whatever works best for you and your business, go for it, just make sure you are doing it!


  • Email

  • Spam Folder

  • Client Check Ins - Use time in your week to review a status update of your client tasks and projects. I also use this time to check out what is upcoming in the weeks ahead and what is top priority for the coming Monday. I try to do this earlier in the day, just in case I need to touch base and have a chat with a client. Some of them unplug early on Fridays, so I make sure I have the chance to talk to them before they log off.  

  • Clean Up - Start off your weekend right with cleaning up your space before you head out for the office. Whether you have a home office or a dedicated office somewhere else, take time to remove extra papers, trash, etc. from your area. Having a clean slate on Monday when you get back to the office is ideal for starting the week of right after the weekend!

Hope my ideal work week has inspired you to develop your own! However it looks for you, the main goal is to stick to a weekly practice of these tasks. This flow of week will become second nature!

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