Virtual Assistant Series Part #5 - Promote Your Business

You’ve got some things in the works and your are open for business! Now is the time to promote your business and get even more form submissions and DM’s coming in with people wanting to work with you. Here are a few ideas to get your name out there!

Promote Your Business

Word of Mouth

This is super important as a lot studies claim that around 85% of people discover businesses this way. Word of mouth does not need to always be in person and can also be incorporated in direct messaging with people. With so many ads and similar businesses constantly grabbing for people’s attention, having friends and current or past clients able to refer you for free is really going to boost your reputation and growth without you having to put in much effort at all. You can also incorporate a referral program where if one of your clients brings in another you give them either a gift card and handwritten note or discount for a service! The goal of this is basically to let people know that you are out there and ready to get to work.

Social Media Content

In today’s world, your social media is your online handshake, if it’s not sturdy people are not going to trust you with their business. You are going to lose a lot of reliability with potential clients and not going to gain many, if any, followers. On the flip side, if you have an incredible social media account with great eye catching content and photography you are going to gain followers from all over and build a business professional reputation. You need a good photograph bank to pull pictures from at all times. You can invest in brand photography or have a good friend take photos for you. You should also pre-schedule your posting content 2 weeks ahead at least to help you stay on top of consistency in your social media posts. Another great way to help promote through social media is to partner with friends and other people in your industry to share each other’s information!

Direct Mailings

Anybody can send out mass emails, but direct mailing is really a great way to build personal relationships with your client that goes beyond surface level business. Right before I went full time with my business, I printed a bunch of notepads to mail out to connections in my niche and favorite creatives I followed on Instagram. The results were amazing! They would post and share about my business when it arrived to them. I didn’t even ask them to post, they did it all on their own so it was way more authentic and genuine. They loved how useful the notepad was for their productivity too. I included a little postcard with information about my services and highlighted my strengths as a VA. It was a fun and unique idea instead of just emailing them out of the blue to promote my biz!

Think Locally

All big businesses have to start somewhere and looking for ways to connect your business locally will give you the strong foundation you need to be able to branch out into a wider and wider market. Try to partner with surrounding businesses for projects or sponsor local events just to get your brand and logo out there. Once you start building familiarity locally, you can begin to think about promoting your business in a bigger setting. While online businesses tend to draw in clients from all over, networking face to face is still an essential part of business building.

Optimize your website

Your website has the potential to bring in a lot of online traffic. Optimizing keywords and incorporating a blog in your website is a really easy and basic way to do this. While this can be kind of tricky, you basically just want to make sure your website holds a lot of good content. If you really spend the time to work on and build up your website, it will pay off and it will be easier for potential clients to find you online. It takes a while for this to kick in but you reap what you sow so if you start now, you will thank yourself down the road.

These are just a few ideas to get your business name out there and get some new clients coming in! Try 2-3 ideas in the next few months to really help get your business off of the ground!