Virtual Assistant Series Part #4 - Setting Up Shop

Getting things ready to roll for your business launch can be kind of a lengthy process, but trust me. You are going to want to spend some serious time on this. Setting up shop or getting your business online in an intentional way can set your business apart from the rest.

In this post we are going to cover:

  • setting up your website

  • completing your CRM set up

  • getting your inbox ready

  • starting your social media presence

  • + more!

Setting Up Shop

Now to be honest, I am just going to be giving introductory thoughts to most of this stuff because it is a TON of information to cover but there are so many great deep dive resources out there if you are wanting more.

Get Your Website Ready

This is where you are going to be telling potential clients all of the amazing things that you can do for them! From your packages to your specific services to sharing your pricing (if you choose to do so), this is where you do it.

Along with your services you want to include more information about yourself, your experience in this field and who your business is for. Think of what you can do to elevate yourself as a match for your ideal client and your niche.

No need to go crazy with investing in a website designer if you don’t have the funds, but check out templates you can purchase. My clients Station Seven and 23&9 Creative have some great Squarespace templates that are perfect for any business and super easy to set up.

Another idea is to invest in some brand photography if you have the time to, or purchase some stock photos that line up with your branding.

Side note - if you can not afford major branding, no worries. You can DIY your branding or purchase a customizable logo online through Creative Market or another platform that you fancy. Don’t be too worried about this, your business and branding is always allowed to evolve and update in the future when the funds are there.

Get that services page done, write up that about me page and double check that your contact form is working and ready to accept new inquiries!

CRM aka Client/Customer Relationship Management

Take time to do some research and find the best option for you. Depending on your business, one option may be better for you than others. This is where you have to take time to get to googling and reading the reviews. My personal favorite is Dubsado.

I handle my contracts, invoices and more all through this one platform. It has other features like scheduling links, contact forms you can embed and more. It is also at a good price point for my budget!

Get Your Inbox Ready

Email is where a lot of traction will take place for your business. You want your email to be helpful not stressful when it comes to your revenue and potential income.

Develop some organizational habits from the get go. Do not let unread emails pile up. Create folders and file things away. Unsubscribe to that crap you don’t read in the first place.

Think about responses that you will write over and over again - consider putting that as a canned email response.

One of my canned email favorites? See below!

Thank you so much for your interest in Keeping the Creativity. I would love to hear more about you and how my services can help your business in a big way.

Can't wait to chat about what you have going on! Please click this link to schedule a meeting with me so we can talk further about the details of your business needs.

Have any questions that I can answer in the meantime? Send them my way!

Thank so much! Talk soon!

Madison Whiteneck

Feel free to use and tweak for your own business! This type of email is a good go to have for those contact form submissions through your website or CRM platform.

Starting Your Social Media

We are going to get into promote your business in a later post, but I wanted to get the wheels turning for you. Thinking about how you are going to share about your business on social media. Are you going to start a business only account or are you going to start incorporating business posts on your personal page. Think about whatever works best for you - I personally did a biz only because I wanted to start over with a new audience that was more my target market and not old sorority sisters from college.

Other Items

These are just add-ons and certainly not priorities. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go crazy with spending money on items for your business just yet. Not worth going into debt over this.

- Business cards - Get a coupon online or try a local printer to save money on this. Keep it simple and basic. No letterpress or gold foil, my friend.

- Business phone number - I hated giving out my personal phone number to clients or potential connections. I got a Google Voice number that still linked to my real number but I could screen the calls.

- Contract - Depending on your business, you may want to invest in a legit contract instead of bootstrapping your own version. Resources like the Contract Shop are a great option.

Hopefully this helps you get one step closer to sharing your business with the world in a way that you are proud to show off! ALSO - Be sure to check out my IGTV video on my Instagram for more about this topic!