Self Care Tips for Biz Babes

Let’s face it, with schedules as busy as they are it is extremely hard to have time to take for ourselves. There is always something more important it seems like that you need to do in that moment. However, if you don’t learn to work self-care into your schedule, you’re going to burn out after a while. Trust me, it happens. It has happened to me a few times. It’s quite the challenge, but we all need to learn how to do it.

Self Care Tips for Biz Babes

Here are a few of the things that I do to make sure that I get in that quality time with myself:

Determine Your Version of Self Care

Generally and specifically. Do you like being with close friends and having a movie night or would you rather sit by yourself on the back porch with some coffee and a good book? Whichever one makes your heart happy is probably what you should be doing. Also, keep in mind that not everyone’s version of self care will work for you. Some people want to take a run, some people want to sit and journal. It all depends upon whatever YOU want.

Put It In Your Schedule

Sure your planner may be full of meetings and due dates, but make a promise to yourself and get something down for YOU. Think of it this way, how would you feel if a friend canceled plans with you? Not good right? So don't let yourself get the short end of the stick when it comes to your schedule. Self care should be just as much of a priority than meetings and deadlines.

Find Accountability

There is strength in numbers. Find another creative friend and check in with them to make sure they devote time to recharge. Have them do the same thing for you. I suggest having a few close friends that lead similar lives so that you will need similar self care time as them. They also will understand and relate to your situation better than other friends might.

Keep Your Self-Care Time Technology Free (or at least on Do Not Disturb Mode)

If your version of self-care is catching up on that murder mystery podcast you love (same here, sister), then make sure to turn that phone on Do Not Disturb mode. And do not, I repeat DO NOT check your email. I don't even care if it is your personal email. Don't open up that mail app like your life depends on it. Sometimes I find it helpful to just completely power off everything that way when you are tempted to open it back up.

Plan for Your Time Frame

Sometimes you have five minutes, sometimes you have half of a day. After figuring out how much time you have be thinking of something that you can do in the allotted amount of time. Some days you can only make five minutes for yourself and that’s okay, so just listen to some music and chill for a few minutes because those few minutes will still be incredibly helpful. For nights that you have off and all to yourself get something to eat, watch a show or do an activity that makes you excited for it so you will take that time to yourself and not go off to do something else.

Whatever it is, make it a priority! Burnout is NO joke, so do what you can to avoid it all together.