Office Essentials

I have been taking inventory of my go-to office supplies and I have complied a list of my favorites! I always loved back-to-school shopping growing up and getting stuff for my business is no different. All of the items in my list are below! 

Office Essentials.png

1. PILOT G2 3ct Black Ultra Fine Tip Gel Ink Pen - These pens are AMAZING! Super thin lines and smooth ink. 
2. Project Breakdown Notepad by GET TO WORK BOOK - This notepad is great for breaking down a big idea into tangible steps!
3. "I Can't Hear You" Earbud Pouch - Avoid getting those earbuds into a tangled mess with this cute pouch. 
4. Metal Scissors - Functional and very instagrammable. 
5. Zip Pouch - Keep those post its and paperclips organized with a zip pouch!
6. Pilot FriXion Pencil - These pens come in a ton of colors and they are ERASABLE! 
7. Golden Coil Planner - As a self-proclaimed planner snob, this planner is a GAME CHANGER. They are complete customizable and have a ton of layout options. 
8. Coffee mug - An absolute essential of course. Bring on the coffee! 
9. May Designs Notebook - Another custom paper product. Pick the cover design, layout and more!