My Golden Coil Planner

Trust me when I say this, in my lifetime I have had at least 20 planners. From cheap ones at the dollar store, to colorful ones in the Target aisles, to the pricey ones at stationery shops - I've bought them all. *insert face palm emoji here*

Each time I purchased a planner, I was excited for the fresh new pages and ready to fill it with plans and productivity hacks. After a few months of use, I was disappointed with the layout or frustrated with the lack of writing space. I tried moving to a digital platform later in life for my organization woes, but I needed that pen and paper fix. 

My favorite planner ever - GOLDEN COIL!

After years and years of searching, my prayers were answered thanks to Golden Coil. I discovered Golden Coil through a Kickstarter campaign and after watching the informational video I was HOOKED. I was like "TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY, GOLDEN COIL!" 

Golden Coil has changed the name of the game with completely customizable pages. With tons of layouts, add ons and more to choose from, you can make a planner that is truly YOURS. Genius, right? You can select the start and end date to make it convenient for you! Check it out for yourself! 

Now back to the purpose at hand for this post. I am sharing inside of MY Golden Coil planner. Take a peek inside my pages!

My Layout

I selected the daily hour by hour pages. Each page has a day with a start time of 6AM and end time of 9PM. On the right margin, a to-do list along with priorities list is printed. Towards the bottom, there is a small section for notes. I like to write out our dinner plans for the day in this spot! Below I have included a previous spread with one page filled out and the other blank for your to check out what it looks like! With my work schedule, there are some days where I am at Warby Parker all day and others where I have personal and client work to complete, so some of my pages tend to make this pattern. 

Due to the page number limit, I have daily pages from January to June. I plan on getting my second half of 2018 around May to give time for the ordering and creation process! 

Golden Coil Layout Page

Other Features

For additional pages in my planner, I included a meal planning page once a month and a monthly layout. I figured that I could use the once a month meal planning page to come up with a new rotation of meals and the month at a glance view is helpful for bills and budgeting planning. There is also a back pocket that holds all of my color coding stickers that coincide with my Powersheets goals.  

golden coil month view
meal planning golden coil
golden coil pocket

Pretty great, right? I love how I can totally make my planner my own. The website is completely user-friendly as well. Check it out for yourself! If you create a Golden Coil planner, tag me in your pictures or send me a DM! I want to see what you create!