My Business Goals for 2019

If you have followed my Instagram account or gone way back in my blog posts, you may have noticed that I have a thing for goal setting. I’m big on personal growth stuff like fitness or self care, but intentionally planning the things I want to accomplish for my biz is a must.


Plus, I wanted to set up some accountability for myself by sharing my goals with my readers. I took some time to think realistically but also take some time to dream big. Here are a couple of my goals related to business!

1. Refine my client inquiry process. This part of my business has certainly changed over the past year or two, but it can certainly improve. What most potential clients sometimes forget is that during the form submission/meeting process is that while they are determining if they want my services, I am figuring out if they are a good fit. I need to inform my inquires from the get go about what the process looks like.

2. Learn to say no and not worry about it. When someone isn’t a fit, whether it’s timing, tasks or just overall vibes - I need to have confidence in my gut and be good to say “no, thanks.” Most times I feel bad and that’s the people pleaser in me, but I need to break the cycle and be cool with it.

3. Increase my productivity. I am pretty good at this now, but I know that I can improve. Some small steps that I have thought about that could help include: not checking my email/notifications as much, limiting my meetings to only 3 days a week, batching my client work and clearing the clutter on my desk daily.

4. Create a passive income product. Still trying to figure out what this looks like, but I’m excited to dig into this! Whatever it is, I promise it will be helpful and meaningful for you and your business.

5. Grow my following. I want to up my Instagram numbers as well as my email subscribers. This will take some content strategy and implementation.

These are just a few on my list, but I will be focusing on these the most during the first quarter of 2019! I challenge you to think of a few goals for your business to kick off the new year. We all can think of a personal goal or two but switch your thinking just a bit and focus just on your business for a minute. What areas do you want to improve or grow this year?

You have got this. Bring on 2019!

GoalsMadison Whiteneck