March Powersheets Goals + February Recap

A new month, new goals! For this post I am going to be breaking down how my February goals went and what's to come for March! You ready? Let's do it. 

March Powersheets Goals

February Goals Recap

February Powersheets Goals

Daily Goals Recap - Right off of the bat I am going to say that tracking my daily goals is and will always be a struggle for me. Starting in March, I really want to do better. As you can see I didn't get too far tracking them. 

Weekly Goals Recap - As I am writing this the last week isn't totally completed, but nevertheless, February was a pretty good month for those weekly goals.

  • Workouts for the month stayed pretty consistent which helped pay off for my weight loss goal for February.

  • Attending small group each week was a pretty easy one, the first meeting was cancelled so that's why I have the first box X'ed out.

  • Budget check in's went well as Keith and I went full force with trying out Dave Ramsey's envelope method.

  • Time with friends was pretty good throughout the month, sticking to phone calls here and there along with a few dinner dates!

  • Quality time with Keith can be hard throughout the week due to our schedules, but we made most weeks work. Go us!

  • I totally slacked on reading 30 minutes 2x a week. Does reading Instagram captions count?

  • I have finally gotten the hang of planning out meals for our weekly schedules and prepping grocery lists for Publix. Huge help!

Monthly Goals Recap - I completed all of my monthly goals (YAY!) with the exception of a weekly cleaning plan for the apartment. Where I lacked in that area will be a huge focus for March. Some highlights were definitely date night on Valentine's Day and losing those 6 pounds! 

March Goals Overview

March Powersheets Goals

Each month I take my tending list and post it next to my bedside table with washi tape so I can keep tracking of my progress! Above you can see it already posted on my wall! 

Monthly Goals

Open Business Banking Account: After tax season and getting all of that done, I have GOT to get a separate business account to make tracking expenses and income easier. 
Lose Four Pounds: February was a little challenging with the higher goal, so I bumped it down a bit for March. If I go over this, great, but I for sure wanted a 4-pound minimum. 
Host Couples' Game Night: Keith and I have a pretty decent sized living room, but we rarely have people over. For this upcoming month, I wanted to change that. Keith loves games so I thought this would be a fun idea for a get together with our friends!
Call Grandma: My grandmother's health hasn't been the greatest lately, and she hasn't been able to leave the house a lot so I want to do better about checking up on her!
Figure Out a Meal Plan Service: Keith and I are trying out Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and Home Chef and giving them a try. Hopefully, we find one that we love and can incorporate into our monthly meal planning.
Complete Accountability Program Planning: My mastermind group signups are underway (check it out here) and I am finalizing the accountability program for the semester. This is a big business goal for sure!
Finish Fruitful Friendships Goal Guide: I purchased this goal guide from the Cultivate What Matters shop forever ago and I really want to finish it in March. Friendships are a big category for my 2018 goals and I think this will help!  
Whiten Teeth: I got a teeth whitening kit for Christmas and I need to use it! 

Weekly Goals

Bible Study + Prayer Time: I've got my prayer journal routine improved this year, it's time to get back on track with opening my bible. I have a She Reads Truth plan that I will be working through! Hopefully it helps!
Quality time with Keith: I think will one will always be a weekly goal for me!
Budget Check In: Keeping on track with Dave Ramsey's envelope method and keeping up to date with bills is the way to go!
Meal Prep: This weekly to-do helps keep Keith in the loop for meals and me on top of what I need from the store. 
Weekly Prep for Keeping the Creativity: Each Sunday I am trying to develop a habit of planning out my client to-do's and getting my schedule in order. Helps with my stress levels for sure!
Clean Part of the Apartment: This goes along with my goal to do better about keeping the house clean! When I say "clean part of the apartment" I mean like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. 
Weigh in: I added this to keep up with my weight loss goal!   

Daily Goals

Tone It Up: I am working on a Tone It Up workout booklet that requires daily workouts!
Quick Clean: A daily reminder to pick up clothes off of the floor or empty the dishwasher, something small, but still effective!
Time with God: This could include prayer, bible time or listening to worship music.
Love on Bubba: Sometimes with our crazy schedules we don't slow down enough so I want to add a daily reminder to sneak in a kiss or a snuggle session with Keith. My nickname for him is Bubba. 

Hope this recap and upcoming goals gives you motivation for your own goals! Wish me luck with March! 

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