Making Work/Life Balance Happen

I will be the first to admit: I struggle with a work/life balance. I have had periods where I am all work no play. Then I go through phases of all play no work. Sometimes the thought of getting up early to finish a project excites me and other days I would rather hit snooze 34 more times (this is a really bad habit of mine).


So what does it mean to have a work/life balance? Is there really such a thing? Honestly, I don’t think a complete balance is realistic, but I think a grip on your schedule and workload is possible. Sure, there will be times where work takes up a little bit more time than personal tasks, but that only makes room for more personal things the following week.

While a balance may not be possible for you, your goal should be to gain control back of your schedule. Do you have too many to-do’s? Prioritize and eliminate the access. Break things down into more management timelines. Wanting to spring clean your closet? Start small. Eliminate the clothes you haven’t worn in years one day, clear out old jeans another day. You don’t have to tackle it all at once. Small victories are sometimes just as rewarding as exhausting yourself during a big battle.

The same philosophy can apply to your business. Prioritize and eliminate the access. Something that has been helpful for me and my workload is batching my tasks. More realistically, batching my client work. If I know I have a lot of work for a specific client, I usually carve out a specific day in the week ahead to focus on that single client. That way, I don’t bounce back and forth between different brands and get the wires crossed.

Back to the life balance part, if you are struggling with making everything work, let those around you know. They could potentially help with the slack or help remind you to SLOW DOWN. We can’t do everything perfect. I know we try, but just keep in mind you are doing your best - give yourself grace during the gaps.