Creating Social Media Content for Your Business

One of my big 2018 goals for my business is to get my butt in gear for my social media content. I’m sure all of us are frequent checkers of Instagram, but how often are you posting? You might already be killing the game, but if you are like me social media can be a struggle.

Creating Social Media Content for Your Business.png

However, your girl has a solution for ya. Host an Instagram Shoot Day! Get your creative pals together, get your phone charged and get to shooting. You don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to get those photos for content. Most iPhones these days have great quality for social media images.

For your Instagram Shoot Day you could go two ways. The first is getting people together for an indoor shoot. This could be mainly flat lays, “hand in shot” images and maybe product photos if you have an online shop. Try to find a window with great natural lighting. Earlier in the day usually has the best lighting. You are also going to want to get a flat surface or two to set up your shot. I like using foam core board and different colored artboards to switch up my background. See below for examples!

Instagram Shoot Day

Another option is exploring spots around you! I live in Birmingham, Alabama and we have plenty of coffeeshops, breweries and fun rooftops for some variety in your images. Use the hashtag search feature on Instagram to find spots in your area for pictures!

A few other things to think about for your Instagram Shoot Day:

  • Are you promoting certain services or products in the upcoming month? Make sure to get shots for those posts!

  • Make sure to take photos of your beautiful face! People like to see the person behind the business!

  • Use the Instagram Shoot Day as an opportunity to connect with other creatives! Share on your Instagram stories or feed about the upcoming shoot and have people DM you to join in!

Have fun! If you host an Instagram Shoot Day, tag me in your photos or on your stories when you are shooting!