Get Your Business Back on Track

I am here to say it’s time for us to get back on track. It is finally time to reel in all of the other distractions and get the gears going. It’s time for you get to clearer about the goals for your business!


Here are a few simple ideas to get you going -

  1. Start with a blank piece of paper and write your company name in the middle. Then from there, have lines branching out from the middle with tasks and overall goals you have for your business. Spider map out your plan.

  2. Break down the extra “legs” of the spider map into tangible items. For example - one of my main goals I want to accomplish is coming up with a more consistent social media presence with branded images and graphics. A tangible task for this goal would be to plan a photoshoot with a friend or create a list of spots around town to take branded photos.

  3. Bring in a calendar. Get the month view going on your phone or planner and put pen to paper. Properly planning and budgeting your time can mean the difference between getting something done right or forgetting it completely.

  4. Share your success. Post about a latest triumph on your Instagram or text a photo to a friend. Get the word out about you getting things moving. It will motivate you to get even more accomplished.

  5. Reward yourself. Celebrate a big company accomplishment with a trip to your favorite store or getting extra guac at Chipotle. Whatever makes you happy.

Let me know what ideas stick! Try them out and see where your business can go!