February Powersheets Goals

I have always been a goal-oriented gal, but Lara Casey's Powersheets have been revolutionary for me in completing and accomplishing my goals. 

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Don't know too much about Powersheets? Check out more info on the Cultivate What Matters website here

Below I cover all of my February goals from my monthly, weekly and daily goals! 


Monthly Goals

Date Night for Valentine's Day: I am not looking for anything too fancy for Heart Day, but I am excited for a night out with my husband!
Complete Mastermind Website: TOP priority for me. My friend Lauren and I are starting an online Mastermind group and I have GOT to get our website live!
Blog Content: My goals is to write two posts, and thanks to this post I only have one to go!
Lose Six Pounds: I lost 5 last month and my goal is to lose six! I've got to work hard, but I can do it!
Stick to Weekly Cleaning Plan: I struggle with juggling part-time job, pretty much full-time business and housework. Having a day by day breakdown I think will help. I tried this last month, but I am determined this month. 
Write letter to loved one: I love pen and paper and I want to surprise some loved ones with snail mail! 
Review Budget and Overall Progress: Keith and I started our Dave Ramsey journey and we are working on an envelope budget. This means mainly cash for our budget. Wish us luck! 

Weekly Goals

Workout (4x a week): This is crucial towards my weight loss!
Attend small group (1x a week): I joined a small group through my church and they meet every Friday morning! Just want to make an effort to attend each meeting. 
Budget check-in (2x a week): Just check on status of budget and update weekly. 
Time with a friend (2x a week): I am trying to cultivate more relationships with friends who mean the most to me this year so I have been working on adding in friend time to my schedule. 
Quality time with Keith (4x a week): While I see my husband every day, intentional/quality time is a must! 
Read 30 minutes (2x a week): Time to slow down is important, and adding it into my weekly schedule might actually mean it gets done!
Meal prep (1x a week): Having a meal plan is a big deal because it can also keep us in line with our grocery budget!

Daily Goals

Time with God: My faith life is another focus for my 2018. I always feel like I can improve in this area as well!
Drink water: Just going back to my health goals and feeling good about myself, water can be a huge contributor to this area of my life.
Quick clean: Do you ever find yourself with piles of clothes on the floor and totally overwhelmed? Ya, me too. I am hoping this daily goal helps control all of that! 

Alrighty friends! Those are my February goals! Have questions? Let me know! Send me an email at madison@keepingthecreativity.com or DM me on Instagram! Best of luck with your February goals too!



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