How to Prepare for a Brand Photoshoot

Brand photoshoots could be fun but also super stressful if you don’t prepare properly! Avoid the “deer in the headlights” look when you are in front of the camera.


Here are some tips to help you with your brand photoshoot to get rid of those unwanted nerves.

  1. Think about the vibe of your brand. What types of feelings do you want these images to portray? Are you a more serious brand or like to keep things fun? Consider this when planning your shoot!

  2. Pull images for inspiration. Pinterest is such a great resource for this. Search for images that resonate your brand and look you are going for. Send these to your photographer so that both of you are on the same page.

  3. Pick locations that speak to you + your clients. Think about your target market. Are your dream clients more corporate? Consider a city scape as a background. More creative and fun? Think about a studio space or a colorful mural in your area.

  4. Research your photographer. Be sure that you have a photographer that matches your style. Their type of photography, lighting and coloring needs match your brand. Try connecting with another creative on Instagram. They might need additional portfolio building experience and could give your a deal on your shoot!

  5. Have a variety of images. Talk to your photographer about switching up the shoot style throughout the day. You want a good mix of vertical and horizontal images. Along with candids and posed. Think about what these images are going to be used for. You can’t use a vertical image for a Facebook page cover, but a vertical is perfect for a Pinterest graphic.

  6. Have fun! This is your moment, it is for your brand! Don’t feel like everything needs to be perfect and go with the flow with those candids. Sometimes the best images are candids!