April Powersheets Goals

I am just going to be straight up here and say that March was a little bit of a struggle so I am thankful for a fresh start in April. I won't be writing a March recap, but just know it wasn't 100%. Oh well! Grace not perfection, right?


For April, I am ready to tackle some new goals and refine some old ones. Check out the full overview below! I will cover my monthly, weekly and daily goals. 


Monthly Goals

Create worship playlist: Part of my daily goals includes listening to worship music and praying daily and I want to create the perfect playlist for this. 
Lose 5 pounds: My fitness goals are on track and I have passed my number goal from the beginning of my 2018 prep, but I want to keep it going!
Complete reading one book: I really am trying to do better with cutting down my time on screens and finding a good book I think will help. 
Brand photoshoot: Prepping for more social media content and upcoming items for my business, I need more photos! 
Research apartment options: I am wanting a change from our current place and our lease is up in a few months so I am going to start the search early before summertime gets crazy. 
Create intern program: I have two interns signed up to work with me this summer and I am SO excited, but I have to create their program of items to complete. 
Look into counseling: March was a really hard month for my anxiety and I think it is time that I get some serious help. Looking into options this month! 
Finish Dubsado set up: Dubsado is a platform that I use for my business and I need to finish setting up a few items. 
Support Keith with internship + school: Keith is almost done with his Master's program! Yay! 
Plan apartment clean out for May: If we are going to be moving soon I want to get ahead of the curve and clean out as much clutter as I can. 

Weekly Goals

Quality time with Keith (4x week): This one has been consistent on my powersheets, but last month I slacked on this one. Got to do better!
Cook meal (2x week): While we are going to have Hello Fresh delivered a few times in April, I still want to be intentional with actually cooking!
Quiet time with God (2x week): I am going to try to keep up with a daily act of spending time with God, but 2x a week I want an intentional quiet time that is a little bit more focused. 
Workout (4x week): Keeping up with those fitness goals!
Budget check-in (2x week): I slipped a little with our budget last month, but I have refined a few things so I just want to keep tabs on it all. 
Plan business social media content: My business content sometimes comes as a last priority to client work, but I need to keep up with a consistent posting schedule. 
Clean apartment (2x week): Sticking to a cleaning schedule has been SO hard for me lately, but I really want to focus on getting this goal accomplished this month. 

Daily Goals

Pray + worship: I really think developing this daily habit with help a ton with my anxiety and worry so this certainly is a priority. 
Time management: Days where I have an hour-by-hour plan seem to go a lot smoother so I want to keep this up! Want to try hour-by-hour planning? Check out my downloadable here
Bed before 10:30pm: I kind of laugh at this one, but I have GOT to get to bed earlier. We will see if this one actually gets accomplished. 
Act of kindness: Whether it's a sweet kiss with my hubby or a thoughtful text to a friend, this is a daily goal for sure! 
10 minute clean up: Just a quick clean of the counter or picking up some junk mail on the table helps me from getting to overloaded with cleaning! 

I hope these goals inspire you to think of some of your own! Either way, you got this! Have an awesome month! 

GoalsMadison Whiteneck