Virtual Assistant Series Part #2 - How to Determine Your Services

One of the major parts of developing your VA business is putting together your services and offerings. You need to think about what you will be selling to your website visitors, social media followers, potential clients and more.

You’ve got to think about what type of work you want to be doing and what you are good at. This is YOUR business and you can be in control of what you do and don’t want to work on. Don’t like data entry? Don’t offer it as an option on your website or agree to a client inquiry asking about it. Your workload boundaries are up to you if you want to be in control. Some people are up for whatever, that’s totally your call.

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Whatever you decide, you need to be able to leverage your skills to backup your price point and encourage people to sign that dotted line to work with you. Consider your experience level or the time you can put in to improve your comfort level if you are just starting out with a certain skill. Think about investing in courses or online webinars if your time and budget allows.

Take some time to answer the questions below. Grab a pen and paper - this will be helpful as you read through these!

  1. What type of person do you want to be working with? Think of your ideal client. My friend Emily Wells has a great worksheet for discovering your ideal client.

  2. What are some of the pain points of your ideal client? Consider what is and isn’t working for their business at the moment. Use your imagination here.

  3. What are some solutions you can provide to your ideal client? Think services or packages. Like if your ideal client has trouble with social media, could offer them content planning? You may be a Pinterest pro and you can help them with that. Great, write it all down.

  4. Do any of the solutions go well together? Try to circle or identify similarities. Like inbox management and project timelines are pretty administrative so they could be packaged together. Other examples could include social media graphics and final file packaging - these could be categorized under design.

  5. Think about how you want to price these. Consider if you want to offer these services as an hourly rate or packaged rate. We will get more into this in the next VA series post, but start thinking about your pricing structure. When considering a packaged rate, it may be helpful to also factor in how many hours the offering could take you. You want to make it worth your time! Do some market research. With the start of any business, it is helpful to do a little bit of searching and research of what others are doing. However, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT blatantly copy someone’s offering. Sure there are things like Pinterest management that everyone offers and this rule doesn’t apply to that, but be smart with this. Be honorable with your offerings and service descriptions. Sure, some may see imitation as flattery, but in the mind it makes you look unoriginal.

  6. Get excited about your services. You want these offerings to be something you are excited about and thrilled to offer clients. Your passion will show during your discovery calls and day to day tasks so make sure you present something you can stand behind.

Okay, okay. Hopefully these prompts get you started. Start dreaming and get excited. You are on your way to making things happen.

What’s to come in the next few posts -

  • Pricing - think about the money you want to make

  • Setting Up Shop - getting your website ready

  • Promoting Your Business - let’s get your name out there

Again, at any point when you review this content, and you have questions - make sure to hit up my contact page to get in touch with me.