2018: A Year in Review

The year is coming to a close, and I have so much to reflect on. From going full time with my business to refining my services and working with so many ideal clients, it has been a good year.

Don’t get me wrong, the job comes with its challenges, but at the end of the day - it’s a great gig.

As this year wraps up and I start thinking of my 2019 goals on a personal and professional level, I wanted to review these past few months with things I have accomplished and lessons I have learned.

  1. Going full time was the right move for me. I will admit, I waited WAY too long to leap, but it was all for a reason. I wanted to feel confident in my finances before jumping into it. As soon as I did, I opened up so many more doors to taking on more clients and in turn making more $$. There is a delicate balance between being prepared and being scared to do the thing. If you are in the in-between like I was, I encourage you and your decision-making process but just do it. You’ve got this.

  2. Saying no is SO powerful. Not only is this a life lesson I have had to learn, but it’s a huge business practice that I put into place this year. In my experience, when I say no to a not ideal fit or a gut feeling ‘no thank you,’ weeks or days later a perfect YES comes my way. I always try to think of the things I would have to give up or lose if I say yes to an inquiry or opportunity. If the cons outweigh the pros too much, it’s an easy no. Sometimes the potential client call is the deciding factor for me. It’s all about refining your process and going with your gut.

  3. Recognize your worth. Somedays I look at what I am doing just as a job and a source of income. I forget that I am doing a freaking awesome thing - running my own business and making it work. I have learned that I need to take more time to congratulate myself internally. I am so hard on myself thanks to my perfectionism. I am working on giving myself more credit. My support system helps a lot with this, but I think it almost means more to me when I know internally recognize my hard work. Kind of backward I know, but if you know me - you understand this.

  4. My clients are the best part of my job. First of all, I wouldn’t have a business without them, but I do have the best clients. I am so grateful for them and their impact and encouragement. And big thanks to my clients for paying those invoices, thanks for supporting my dream too.

  5. I am my own limitation. The only thing that can hold me back from trying to accomplish big things is myself. I am working on breaking down barriers and doubts to take my business to new phases. I am excited for 2019 and can’t believe 2018 has brought so many amazing things. I am so grateful.

I am going to keep riding this wave for as long as it will take me. I want to continue to work hard and dream big. Thanks for following along and supporting my work. I really appreciate it!

Best wishes to you and yours as you begin the new year!