Things to Consider When Updating Your Resume

Taking your resume from a simple black and white design with bland fonts to a creative creation with unique formatting and elements can be the difference between getting the interview or getting your CV tossed in the trash. 

Check out a few of my tips below on reworking your resume for that dream job!

Tip #1 - Stick to a format. 

If you are using bullets to write about your contributions to a position, use those bullets throughout your descriptions. Going back and forth with your formatting can be confusing to an employer. 

Tip #2 - Keep your resume up to date. 

If you haven't worked on your resume in over a year and you are about to apply for a job, update your content. Responsibilities in your positions may have changed, or you have completed a position you need to add an end date on in your timeline. Cater your position features or skills to the job you are applying for. If you are submitting your resume for a creative position, your work experience in retail from high school probably isn't be relevant. 

Tip #3 - Highlight your skills. 

Devoting a section of your resume to your skills with various programs or softwares is always a good idea. Showing your level of knowledge with these programs is also key. You can display your skills in a fun way such as bar graphs or icons. 

Tip #4 - Have fun, but don't go crazy. 

Incorporating a unique design into your resume structure can be a tricky balance. You want to create a way to separate your submission from the other applicants, but you don't want your crazy combo to distract from your qualifications. Stick to simple colors and only a few font choices. I recommend 2-3 font variations max. Use "scripty" fonts wisely as well! 

If you are looking to redo your resume, but don't have the time or patience to get it done, you might want to consider hiring a designer. I have worked with peers and clients on getting their curriculum vitae ready for the big interview. If you are interested in working together, check out my work order form! My portfolio also has examples of designs I have done in the past. View those here!

Madison Whiteneck