Real & Rosemary

Last week I visited the new, healthy restaurant in town, Real & Rosemary. Located in Homewood, this latest spot is the perfect place for lunch or catching up with a friend over a quick bite. The atmosphere is amazing with beautiful details in the tile flooring and wall decor. Part of a place's charm is the environment it creates and Real & Rosemary has it down. 

The first time I visited R&R I went with my new friend, Kizzie. We met up to take some pictures for the blog (check out her photography page here!) and stopped by after we wrapped up. We are both picky eaters, but Real & Rosemary has delicious options for the selective eater. I ordered the Sweet Potato Fries and Kizzie ordered the Collard Pesto Dip. We both got Strawberry and Mint Spa water. Very fancy water, but SO yummy. We only grazed the surface of the menu options so I have to go back soon. 

The thing that appealed me the most about Real & Rosemary was the healthy menu. Don't get me wrong, I indulge in a processed foods here and there, but Real & Rosemary's fresh items are delicious. It feels good to eat heathy every once and a while. 

So add Real & Rosemary to your growing list of Birmingham places to check out. You won't be disappointed!