My Fitness Failure

Earlier this year, I wrote about how I wanted to loose weight and workout more. I was hesitant to write it in the first place because I didn't really believe I could do it. 

I thought if I published it out into the world on my blog, I would actually stick to it... yeah right! Living a healthy, fit lifestyle is a huge stretch for me. By the time I get off of work I am too tired to want to workout, let alone spend two more hours working on a healthy meal for dinner. Plus, I don't know the first thing about cooking. I am more of a baker. I like sweets too much. 

Sure, I had every good intention, but sometimes our resolutions just slip from us. I will admit I did not try as hard as I should have, but I am also giving myself a little slack. 

Now that I am engaged, the pursuit for the "Bridal Body" is a real thing. Working on my fitness isn't something I need to do to give everyone the impression that I need to be skinny for the wedding. I need to workout to prove the level of self worth I have in myself. Taking care of myself is more than just about getting enough rest or indulging in that extra brownie after a long day. I need to take care of my health and my body.

Being engaged has made me start thinking about the longevity of my life. I know it may be a little morbid and odd to think about, but taking care of myself better now means setting up my health for the future. You kind of have to think about these things when you are about to start a life with someone, you know?

Any ideas on how to get me back on track? Any advice or tips would be helpful! Tweet me your ideas to get my butt off the couch and back on the treadmill.