Getting Engaged

On March 6th, 2016, Keith and I got engaged. Yup, you read that right! If you follow Keeping the Creativity on Instagram you probably already knew, but there is only so much you can describe in a photo caption. 

Keith and I have been dating for almost four years and knew we wanted to get married probably around year two. After we graduated college and post-grad life began, the thought of marriage became more top of mind for us. Sure, we had a lot to figure out in the meantime, but it was exciting to know that thought was there. 

After a little bit of planning and a lot of serious thinking, Keith and I decided to tell our parents our plans. It was pretty nerve-wracking talking to my parents, but it was awesome to have their support about our next steps! 

From that point on, I just had to hang out and wait for the ring. Keith knew I wanted an oval shaped diamond and we tried on rings once before together, so he knew the type of design I liked. I knew when he had the ring too, so that made waiting that much more difficult!

Keith was about to go on a week long trip to the beach and wanted to spend some quality time together before he headed out of town. I had a feeling the proposal was coming up the following weekend while we were in our hometown with family so I was pretty naive to his plans. 

Keith suggested going to Samford (where we graduated) and visiting all of our old hang out spots when we had crushes on each other and when we first started dating. I loved the idea. I kept questioning him, "You aren't proposing tonight, right?" and even checked his pockets when he arrived to pick me up after he got off work. 

We got to Samford and explored our favorite places on campus. It was fun sneaking around like we were 18 again. It certainly brought us back, remembering old experiences and talking about how much we have grown since Freshman Year. 

We started walking back to the car, holding hands. Keith wanted to stop by the bench where he asked me to be his girlfriend. I agreed, thinking it would be just another stop down memory lane. 

Keith slowed down walking. "I know you thought this was going to happen next weekend, but I wanted it to be a surprise," he said. 

Walking near our bench, he told me to sit down. The most amazing speech came next with sweet words and my brain started spinning with excitement. 

"Madison Brooks Miles, will you marry me?"

Getting engaged is unlike any other phase in a relationship. It's exciting and new, like when you first started liking each other. It's so fun and looking at a sparkly ring everyday brings a whole new level of giddiness to my daily life. 

I will be sure to catalog the wedding planning process, and fill you in on my struggles and triumphs throughout the process! Wish me luck!