My Favorite Podcasts

My car has become my commuting classroom. The morning drive in and my trip back home after work has become my "learning time". I'm breaking down my favorite podcasts in today's post! 

#1 - #girlboss radio

This one is pretty much a given. Any woman, or man frankly, who is looking to learn a thing or two about business or leadership should listen to this podcast. Sophia Amoruso interviews strong women about their career journeys and the lessons they have learned along the way. No matter the profession of the women that are interviewed, I still can take away some awesome stuff from them. I absolutely love it. 

#2 - Real Simple Podcasts: "Adulthood Made Easy"

I found this podcast searching around the app and I really enjoy listening to the topics Sam Zabell covers with a variety of people. She interviews friends, coworkers and industry leaders. Adulthood Made Easy is the perfect solution to the post grad stress and problems people my age face everyday. Sam discusses lasting friendships, dating, how to break free from your email and much more. It's like hearing from a fellow friend how to handle your 20s. 

#3 - The Fizzle Show

I started listening to The Fizzle Show a few months ago when I started wanting to learn more about how to better my blogging. The Fizzle Show is super educational about how to handle the business side of it all. It is a group of experienced men and women sharing about a ton of topics that are relevant for anyone who wants to have a successful business or launch a new idea into the world. 

I have been realizing that my time is so valuable and podcasts are the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. I pass the time in traffic and learn exciting things to apply to blogging and my personal goals!

Any other great podcasts that I need to add to my subscription list? Tweet me links!