East 59 Vintage & Cafe

This past weekend, I went to East Lake for The Orchard Birmingham workshop. The group had an all day event at the space and it was amazing! Not only did I learn so much about my vision and purpose, but found a new spot around Birmingham that I love! 

East 59 Vintage & Cafe is a little outside of the heart of the city, but that shouldn't keep you from making a trip out there to sit and create. The front area and first half of the location is your "typical" coffeehouse with a full beverage menu and spots to sit to get work done. They have a full lunch menu that is delicious. I ordered the ham and swiss sandwich from the group lunch options, but they have a ton of different dishes to choose from. 

The second half is a vintage store with a variety of items for purchase. They had handmade jewelry, old signs, furniture and a bunch of other cool stuff. East 59 has an additional smaller closed off space you can rent out for events like our workshop! 

They have huge tables that groups like small groups or bunches of friends can meet at. The back patio was also a great place gather. 

I definitely recommend getting some people together for lunch there on a weekend! Since it is a little outside of the city, the crowd isn't as crazy as it is at other places in Birmingham. Check it out soon!