Fitness Progress

In January, I wrote about how I was going to get fit and lose weight. Well… I certainly started working out a lot more (2 times a week versus my previous 2 times every six months), but losing weight is a little bit of a battle.

My weight kept going up and down and stepping on the scale became a fear. The days where I lost weight I would get giddy, but the days I had gained a little were not so great. In all honestly though, I would rather put a focus on my efforts to get fit than to lose fat. Even though I know they pretty much go together.

Working out on a weekly basis has been awesome. There have been a few times where I didn’t want to go and preferred to be catching up on Law and Order: SUV, but I managed to drag myself out of my bed to get to the gym. Having a support system certainly helps and Keith has been on my butt to work out for months (more like years), so we work out together each Wednesday at our local community center.

I have also started cycling classes and I love them. It focuses on my lower half which is the area I want to address the most. The high energy classes are great for my motivation and endurance. The thing I enjoy the most about cycling is how you can control the intensity of your workout. With personal control of your bike’s resistance, it is the perfect type of a workout for someone like me who wants to ease back into the workout world.

I will keep you all updated on my progress! I think February’s focus needs to be more on my diet and trying broccoli versus brownies. Wish me luck!