3 Ways to Make Your Week More Productive

Sunday is normally a day of rest. Although the majority of my Sundays are filled with naps and Netflix. Before I go to bed, I try to mark off a few things for the upcoming week. These things help me relax on my last few hours of the weekend and get ready for a full week ahead.

  1. Check out my calendar - What do I have going on this week? Big meeting on Wednesday? Better have my act together by Tuesday afternoon. Am I planning on working out after work on Monday? I should probably pack a gym bag and put it in my car.
  2. Pick out my weekly outfits Sunday night - In my closet I have five command hooks. One for each day of the work week. I go through my closet and select outfits for each day. I keep in mind major meetings I may have or check out the weather and plan accordingly. Sometimes I select one extra outfit to have on reserve in case I end up not liking my selected outfit the day of.
  3. Plan some "me-time" - Weeks might get crazy, but try to schedule some items to get you optimistic about the week ahead. Text a friend to plan a lunch date or make sure nothing conflicts with your Bachelor viewing party. Or block off 2 hours on Wedneday night to catch up on the latest Neflix binge (Making a Murderer, anyone?)

I hope these tips help you out! Seriously try the outfit planning one! It may seem like it will only save you 10 minutes each morning, but that's ten more minutes you could lay in bed and check your Instagram.