My Main Man

I haven't done too many personal posts on my blog, but today I am making an exception. A huge part of my survival through my 20s (a huge category of this blog), is my boyfriend Keith. I feel kind of silly calling him my boyfriend because he is so much more to me than just a name to write in a heart on all of my notebooks.

Keith supports me in everything that I do and want to accomplish. He understands my need to vent and my need to express myself through my multiple side projects. He also understands my trash TV addition, which is a huge plus.

He is so much stronger than I am (in every sense of the word), so it is nice to have him in my corner and on my side.

Keith and I met 4 years ago during our freshman year of college. We met through a mutual friend in a college dorm. He was friendly, cute, funny and we instantly clicked.

We bumped into each other a few times around campus after that, but nothing much more came from it at that point. It was around late February that we both started reaching out more, and of course, flirting with one other.

From day one, Keith was so different from any other guy I had been interested in or dated. He was so goofy and fun. Stress-free too. He was so simply kind. It wasn't hard for him to be nice.

By spring break, we were crushing hard on each other. It was so giddy every time I saw him. I cheesed so hard around him. I was ridiculously happy just thinking about the next time we would see each other.

After spring break, he asked me to be his girlfriend. That was almost four years ago and it seems like just yesterday, but then again it seems like 20 years ago. It's a weird feeling.

Keith and I have changed so much since then. We have changed as a couple and we have changed individually. The part that hasn't changed is that we are still together. Which is awesome.

We've had our rough patches and our high points. However, through it all I have always known that we would figure it out and make it work.

After we graduated college and entered the "real-world", I had a hard time adjusting (and still do sometimes honestly), but he has helped so much. From being a shoulder to cry on or getting me ice cream to cheer me up, he knows how to handle it all.

I explain all of this to say, that a support system means everything during your post-grad phase of life. It can involve multiple people in your life and I have more people to turn to than just Keith, but he understands what I am going through the most. It's because he knows me the most out of everyone.

If you don't have a loved one in your life yet, the best advice I can give you is just be patient and don't go out seeking someone. Let life happen. It's all about timing.

Who do you turn to the most when you are stressed out or need someone to talk to? Text them right now and let them know how much they mean to you!