Proven Ways to Relax

If you are anything like me, finding time to relax is rare and then ACTUALLY relaxing is even more rare. I am the queen busy bee and I am rarely actually chill. I normally attempt it, but my mind is always rushing with things to do or I'm paranoid that I forgot to do something that day. However, I have found a few solutions that get my mind off the crazy and into the calm.

Coloring Book - Time to pick up a box of Crayola's and get a coloring book. An adult coloring book is the way to go. Their designs are pretty intricate and if you are OCD about staying in the lines, you have got to focus. You won't be able to think about much other than the doodles and designs you are filling in with color. Background music is always nice along with this activity as well. I just got this one for Christmas and love the designs in this one as well!

Puzzle Games - Specifically, I love the iPhone app/game Monument Valley. I know we might be a little too old for video games, but this game is certainly different from the rest. This complex puzzle game requires intense focus and can be a little frustrating at times to figure out, but the background music of this game is amazing. Think of a yoga studio. Completely calm and relaxing music. Turn on your "Do Not Disturb" mode to help with the distractions. This game isn't free, but trust me, it is worth the cost. Other puzzle games like Unblock Me (this one is free) are also great.

Manicure - If you have the time and the money, a good old fashioned manicure might do the trick for your worries. You don't even have to break the bank and get a full-on manicure, just get the polish. They still clean up your cuticles and get your nails looking great! I always feel a little girly-er and fancy after getting this done. Plus you have to sit still for 30+ minutes and you can't look at your phone so you are unplugged for a little bit (unless you want to risk messing up your new nails).

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What tricks do you use to relax? Let me know your secrets!