Tools for Better Blogging

Working on getting your blog going and to the next level? I am always looking for the new tools and resources to advance my blog and gain new skills. I have broken down a few of my favorite tools I use for my blog.

Adobe Creative Suite - 97% of my printables and free downloads are created in Adobe InDesign. I learned how to use this software in college, but continue to learn new tricks each time I open the application on my laptop. It may be intimidating at first to use, but through numerous YouTube videos and step-by-step online tutorials I learned the majority of my skills. Photoshop is helpful as well when I want to create mock designs and input screen previews in computers or iPhones. I have also used Illustrator from time to time for logo design. It can get a little pricey if you want to get a subscription to all of the applications, but if you still have your university email (like me) you can get an awesome discount. If you can only afford one application, I would recommend InDesign for sure.

Canva - This online resource is everything you could want and more as a blogger. This design site is perfect for post previews, cover photos and more. Super user-friendly - this online lab is awesome for the beginner designers. With helpful templates you can create multiple images that are pin-worthy. I have the Canva for Work subscription and it is awesome for my custom blog fonts and color scheme. However, the free version is just as amazing.

Photo Apps - I previously wrote a post about my favorite photo applications and it can't hurt to reiterate how amazing these are. Snapseed is still an app I use all of the time and VSCO cam is perfect for creating filters that are customized for your Instagram theme.

A Planner (online or notebook) - The most helpful thing you can do for your blog is scheduling your content in advance. The more you can get scheduled and queued up, the better. Schedule blog posts, Facebook posts and draft Instagram captions ahead of time. You can keep a note on your phone with your captions to copy and paste over. It can help lessen your load and can give you more time to brainstorm new post ideas and big projects! I have used this planner (click here) before and it is awesome for tracking your blog growth and brain dumping ideas.

Creative Market - This online marketplace is perfect for finding free downloads to use for your blog. They have discounted items to better your design and the content you put out there. I found my blog branding font on this site and I am obsessed! It didn't break the bank either!

What tools do you use for your blog? I am always looking for new stuff! Send them my way!