New Year's Resolution: Workout Woes

One of my New Year's Resolution, along with millions of people is to workout more. I know, I know the typical cliché resolution, but I've got to do it. In the past I have been "ready" to workout, however this year I am actually motivated. Luckily I already have a gym membership to the local community center, but I've got to get my butt in there. I will be keeping you all updated with my progress. I have plans to share my beginner workout woes and how I stay motivated to get it done.


I have a goal of loosing two pounds a month for 2016. So 24 pounds total for your mathematically challenged like me. To be honest I am freaking out about the trials before me. I am going to be exhausted after work and just want to go home and pig out on chips while watching Netflix, but I've got to stay focused.

I'm excited for the physical benefits of working out, but also the mental benefits. It will help with my stress levels and hopefully my energy as well.

What goals do you have for 2016? Is one of them to workout more like me? Tweet at me to let me know! Here's my profile. We can hopefully stay motivated together!