Branding my Blog

This past weekend I attended an Instagram workshop. I learned a lot about styling photos, but even more about building your business/brand. A main point of the event that stuck with me was finding your inspiration, colors and theme. So after the event, I got motivated to figure out my branding. I had my logos and fonts, but I needed to select my inspiration and colors. One of the girls hosting the event, reviewed my feed and said that I have a lot of pinks and blues. I looked at it and saw similar trends with black, whites and some grays. After I looked at some of my pinterest board inspiration I saw the colors had carried over in my pins too. I was noticing a trend!

I pulled a few swatches of colors along with three of my favorite photos from my Pinterest board and created a sheet about my branding.

Branding my blog has really helped me with my photos for my Instagram. I notice colors more and I stay aware of what will work and not work. I highly recommend creating a branding page as a guideline for your images!