DIY Gift: Acrylic Tray

Now that the holidays have officially kicked off, it is time to plan for Christmas presents. Since my blog is partially about surviving my 20s, part of that survival includes seriously budgeting for presents. So I have a solution. I recently attended a crafting event with LaQuin Taylor of emagine and we made DIY acrylic trays. I loved it so much that I wanted to recreate it. I put my own little spin on it as well. This is a super easy and cheap, but it's a nice looking gift. See below how to create your own! Supplies you will need:

  • scissors
  • clear box photo frame (see below), bought at Hobby Lobby
  • metallic tape, bought at Hobby Lobby

 Step One: Take apart the photo frame so you have the clear part (the tray) ready to decorate.

Step Two: Cut strips of tape to cover the four corners and four strips for the tops of the sides. You can eye ball the length for these.

Step Three: Take off the backing of the tape and place on the frame to decorate. Try to place the tape in the middle of the edges so the sides match up. If you are worried about the sides not matching up, I would recommend putting more tape on the "outside" side so the imperfections aren't as noticeable.

Step Four: Complete all sides. If you want, you can place strips on the inside corners as well. You can see the difference it makes to place tape on the inside through the photos below. The tray on the left has tape on the inside the right tray does not.

Step Five: Enjoy your new acrylic tray or gift to a fashion forward friend!

Throughout December I will be sharing DIY gifts for the budget friendly crafter! Any crafts you would like me to create? Send them my way!