Photo Apps That I Love

I'm no photographer, but I love the art of a good filter. I've got a few apps that I use pretty frequently for my photos. Below is an overview of some of my favorites! Canon Camera Connect - I use this app to access photos I have taken on my camera. It's great for quickly saving higher quality photos from my camera to post pretty instantly on social media. I can use the photos from my camera and then edit in my favorite apps. If you are considering upgrading from iPhone photos to an actual camera, I would suggest a camera with wifi capability for easier uploading.

Snapseed - I recently learned about this app from a Instagram styling workshop I attended last month. This app has similar features as Photoshop but it is a little more user friendly. I love using to for removing small blemishes or editing the shading on a photo. You can select correct certain areas with brighter or darker exposure, which is great for the photos I take because some of my photos can get shadows.VSCO cam - I have had phases where I have loved this app and others where it hasn't been my favorite, but lately I have been using this photo app more frequently. The crisp filters and additional editing features are great for turning a bland image into a post worthy photo.

1967 - I personally like a more faded and softer look on some of my photos. These old school film filters are great for a quick edit.

What are your favorite photo apps? Let me know! I love trying out new apps for my social media and blogging photos.