5 Things You Need for Ultimate Productivity

Attempting to not be lazy? The struggle is real when Netflix added a new season of your favorite show and your bed looks a lot more comfortable then your desk. I am here to help! I have outlined a few things that has help me be more productive.

Number One: Notepad/Notebook - Write down what you want to accomplish. Having a visual of the things you need to complete can help motivate you to check off items on the list.

Number Two: Plan It Out:  The list you created can also help with time management. It is a good idea to estimate how much time each task will take when planning out your working time.

Number Three: The Proper Playlist - I am one of those people that always has to have background sound/music going when I am working. Sometimes I turn on Netflix and watch/listen while working but that can waste a lot of time. Music is a great way to get focused. The beats can help keep you going and maybe jump start your creativity/work mode. However, something to really consider is creating a playlist. You can waste serious time clicking through artist profiles on Spotify. I have included a playlist below that I created. Check it out if you like!  [spotify id="spotify:user:124585807:playlist:5bLLxVkg3RUT031De3PHUo" width="300" height="380" /]

Number Four: Caffeine Boost - Brewing a cup of coffee or posting up in a coffee shop when you have to get stuff down can be extremely helpful. I have a hard time focusing while sitting in my room or working while in my bed. I don't have a personal office or serious desk space, so a coffee shop is a perfect alternative. Plus a good cup of joe always boosts my energy to get stuff done.

Number Five: Treat Yo'self - Have a ton to complete? Make it worth your while by creating an incentive to get it done. A light at the end of the tunnel type thing. I always do better with a long to-do list if I have a reward waiting for me when everything is done.

Now get to work! Stop reading blog posts and get things crossed of your to-do list!