Creative Collectively: Sarah Norville Elmore

Life is always better with friends. Having creative people as friends is always awesome. I have known Sarah since I joined a sorority in college. She is a kind soul with a huge heart. We have connected and collaborated in a few different ways over the years. From sorority banners or the college newspaper, Sarah's gift and eye for design was always welcomed. I can not tell you the number of times Sarah saved an issue of the school newspaper with her graphic genius or helped my sanity during the super late nights (like 2 a.m. late) working on the next issue.

She studied graphic design and went on to work as the Graphics Communications Specialist at a non-profit, Christian, residential counseling program for young women struggling with life-controlling issues. Her paper goods line is her "side-hustle" as she calls it and keeps her creative side alive. Sarah has a gift of creating beautiful cards that can speak volumes to many. She sells her cards through her Etsy shop. They are a great way to spread the love. With creative images and phrases, they are perfect to send a little note and show someone you care.

Sarah stays inspired and is constantly thinking of new and great ideas. She tries to capture all of her thoughts through various notepads she has - one in her purse, a few on the desk at home, one on her bedside table and a couple at work.

The repetitiveness of the everyday can sometimes take a toll on Sarah's work (as it does for anyone), but she does her best to stay positive. She wants to serve the Lord and bless others through her every day mundane work. I completely admire that mentality.

Her dream is to own a paper goods / stationery store, design stuff for the shop, and give back in some way. She isn't quite sure of the steps that are going to lead up to that but she has faith in the Lord's plan for her aspirations.

It's nice to have a friend who is going through the same struggles as you with a "side-hustle". Life gets crazy, but we both have a passion for creativity and do our best to make time for it. We understand each others' crazy schedules which is a huge blessing when you have promised someone you would write this post about a month ago (sorry Sarah!).

Want to see more of Sarah's work and get a glimpse of her life? Check out her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!