Berry New to Lipstick

In my last beauty post, I talked about my experience with classic red lipstick. I have also been playing with berry toned lipstick as well. I recently purchased Clinique's A Different Grape. This color is pretty deep. Certainly berry toned. I originally bought this lipstick so I would have a fall color to wear for my birthday, but I like wearing it in a more casual setting too. I love how this color isn't stark red, but a deeper color. I normally use this color with the Crushed Berry lipliner from Clinique. I didn't have my talented photographer (a.k.a my boyfriend) this time around for the preview photos so please excuse my selfies! Lipstick and Lip Liner

A Different Grape

A Different Grape

So what do you think? I personally love this color! It's still bold but not as intense as rockin' red!

Let me know in the comments below if you like these beauty product posts! I am always looking for an excuse to expand my makeup collection.

Madison Miles

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