Coffee Critique: Red Mountain Expresso

Coffee is one of my most favorite things to talk about and I am excited to share my favorite picks from a few of Birmingham’s coffee shops. Just the other day I tried Red Mountain Expresso for the first time. It is unique in the fact that you can not go inside – it is only drive thru (hence the name “EXPRESSo")! Located just at the end of Soho in the Homewood area, the service is quick. With a two-lane drive up, you will never wait longer than a five minutes. Red Mountain

I suggest trying their lattes. I love caramel so I went with 'The Broadway'. It is a strong espresso latte with caramel and white chocolate. Pair it with a muffin and you are off to a good day. They also offer coffee, tea, smoothies, biscuits, sandwiches and more. Red Mountain Expresso is a Birmingham must try!