My Fall Favorites

When I say fall is my favorite season - I mean it. I count down the days and check the temperature frequently to see when the cooler weather has officially arrived. I may be biased because my birthday is in October, but fall is the best season. To show you my full appreciation of fall, I have come up with six reasons. It took me some time to narrow the list down to six, but here we go. fall booties and books

Number One: Reading a favorite book - I don't know if it's the back-to-school vibes of fall, but I love picking out a new book. Finding a good book and a great spot in the park during the cooler weather is the way to go. Currently, I am working on two books (I know, I know). I am attempting to read The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Both are really good books that you should check out, especially The Best Yes if you are mega type-A like me.

Number Two: Wearing boots - Fall fashion is everything to me. Layers, flannel and boots. I love a good pair of boots with a cute dress. I used to love tall boots, but booties are the way to go this season. I always find great pairs of boots for my post-grad budget at Target or TJ Maxx.

pumpkins and leaves

Number Three: The changing leaves - There's no more evident way to see God's beauty than through the changing colors of fall, in my opinion. The hills of Birmingham turn into amazing shades of orange and red. I LOVE it. It makes my heart full and happy. Fall is probably the only time of year I actually enjoy the outdoors (I am not a big outdoorsy person, that's for sure).

Number Four: Seasonal holidays - Christmas is a great and wonderful holiday, don't get me wrong, but a whole holiday devoted to candy? I'm in love. A whole holiday devoted to eating and feeling thankful, that's pretty nice too.

cider and sweaters

Number Five: APPLE CIDER - Forget pumpkin spice lattes, caramel apple spice from Starbucks is the way to go. A hot cup of cider + a bonfire = the perfect fall combo.

Number Six: Chunky sweaters - Again with the fall fashion, I love a good chunky sweater to go with those cute booties. The more grandpa-like of a sweater, the more likely I am to buy it.

Please notice the number of times I used the word "love" in this post. If you can't tell already, I am obsessed with fall. What are your favorite parts of this amazing season?

Madison Miles