The Lost Art of a Handwritten Letter

If your desk drawer is anything like mine, it is full of scraps of paper, colorful pens, various washi tape and stationary. The number of blank cards I keep in my desk is ridiculous. While cleaning out my desk this weekend, I thought about how much I love handwritten cards.
mail2Snail mail is certainly my love language and its a super thoughtful way to show someone you care. So grab your pens, a blank card and get to writing.
Don’t know where to start? Here are a few prompts to help:
1. Ask about their goals for this season of life
2. Write about an old memory you have with them
3. Be creative - try to come up with a silly poem
4. Include a photo - write about what happened in the snapshot
5. Tell them about your latest project
Grab a stamp and put that envelope in the mailbox. Feel free to add some decorative stickers or washi tape to your envelope. Even if the recipient of your letter lives a few blocks down the road or a few states over, they will love the thought and the effort you put into their note.
Madison Miles