Creative Collectively: Drew Hall

I met Drew Hall while in college. We were always busy with personal projects or extracurriculars on campus and I looked up to Drew and his ambition. I admired how he accomplished things so flawlessly and with a happy heart. I still admire that about him!Drew HallDrew moved to New York City after graduation. I could have never done something so extreme, especially since I have lived in the southeast my entire life, but Drew made it up there just fine.  He works in NYC as a Customer Experience Associate for Warby Parker (aka the coolest company ever - check them out). Before moving to the city, Drew started a blog where he cataloged life leading up to graduation. I reviewed that thing religiously when it came time for me to get my diploma. Drew had great insight to what I was about to experience and helped me off the ledge a few time through emails back and forth about what the heck I was going to do about post-grad life.

Since then, Drew has expanded his blog into a full on site. In Drewinthecity, he writes about city life and his travels. His travel posts give you a clear picture of his surroundings and what he experienced in that place. He offers awesome recommendations while traveling, like visiting The Peabody in Memphis (a personal favorite). His Cityscape features give you a glimpse of his life in NYC. These short and sweet posts describe what he currently has going on and a few other tidbits. My favorite part of these posts are the recommendations he gives for new people to follow on social media. I'm always looking for fresh profiles to follow.Drew HallDrew hopes to expand his site to a lifestyle brand -  where he can travel the world, meet interesting people and document it all via online and social channels. He is all about partnering with other lifestyle brands along the way. Drew even has ambitions to debut a line at New York Fashion Week one day (how cool, right?!).

If you want to accomplish great things like Drew, he recommends being around those who will shoot you straight. He advises others to "surround yourself with people who can support you through the good and the bad—people you can trust to speak truth into your life, even if it's not what you want to hear." Certainly a good thought process to have!

Drew is always looking for ways to engage with others, so be sure to check out his profiles!

Twitter: @druwser | Instagram: @druwser | Snapchat: @druwser | LinkedIn

Madison Miles