Working for the Workday

Working for the Workday So you've heard the saying 'working for the weekend'? We all want the weekend to get here sooner so we can get a break. One of the hardest adjustments for me lately is having a full-time job. As a girl who is less than six months out of college, the post grad adjustment has been real and it has been tough. It hasn't been anything like I expected and that's okay. Nothing ever really is in life, right?

I have been thinking about scenarios and situations on how to get through different parts of "adult-ing".

Situation Number One: "My work can be draining." Try to work on things before or after your 9 to 5 to keep you happy and upbeat. For me, it was creating this site, having an outlet to be inspired and motivate me. It is something I look forward to at the end of the work day. Sure, I may be already pretty tired at the end of the day, but I am still willing to put in the time to do something that I love. Find that thing you love and stick with it. Make time for your passions. Try it. See what happens.

Situation Number Two: "I'm overwhelmed." Take a deep breath and make time for yourself to recharge and calm down. You can't forget to include "me time" in your schedule. Check out the methods I have been trying to chill out here.

Situation Number Three: "I feel alone." Loneliness sucks, but you can change that! Join a group. Reach out to an old friend. I have found a lot of new friends from joining small groups through my church or events around Birmingham. I know it is intimidating to put yourself out there, but wouldn't you rather at least try than continue to feel lonely?

We will all have our good days and our bad days. Just think of it this way, you need a source of income to survive on your own and a job provides you with those means. I think what you do in your free time says a lot more than what you do during your day job. Free time is you time, so do what best satisfies you!

Madison Miles