Make Time for Yourself

Make Time for YourselfCombine the responsibilities of a new job, managing money and trying to get enough sleep every night and you start to get stressed. Every day brings new experiences and new challenges. Keeping up with everything can be difficult, but making time for yourself is extremely important.

Below are a few ways that I suggest to stay sane and relaxed!

  1. Journal - Whether you write in a notebook or write on a computer, logging your thoughts and what is going on in your life can accomplish a lot of things. Journaling serves as a brain dump for me. I write down the worries of my day, get it out and then I don't have to think about it anymore. It is also nice to look back on your entries and reflect on what you've overcome.
  2. Netflix, Amazon Prime, TV, etc. - Pick a flick, pop some popcorn and get comfy. The more mindless a show or movie, the better. Honestly, the best way for me to destress is turning on some trash TV.
  3. Mini Spa Day - You can try out that new nail polish color that's trending or run a bubble bath. Some personal TLC can help refresh and rejuvenate you to take on a busy week.
  4. Lists/Planner - Writing out what you want to accomplish, helps you think about the tasks at hand and takes away the stress of having to remember everything in your head. Plus, crossing stuff off of a list feels pretty good.
  5. Talking to a Friend - While some alone time may be just what you need, making time to talk to a friend can help as well. Think of it as a cheaper version of therapy.

How do you relax and make time for yourself? Show me how your care for you by posting a photo and tagging @keepingthecreativity!