How I created my logo

Creating my Brand Logo I had the idea, I had the topics and I had a name. However, I was lacking a logo. I think a logo is all about identity and connecting an image to a brand. Working on a logo was a little bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Searching Pinterest and looking through difficult blogs was helpful. Connecting images to my idea of using this site as a way to stay creative and portraying that into a logo certainly took a little bit of time.

Pinterest IdeasLuckily, my friend Hilliary was there to help me with creating the logo. She has designed a few logos before, and has a huge talent for lettering (check out her Etsy shop here!), so I was glad she was there to walk me through everything! I messed around with Canva a little bit to get an idea of what I was thinking. I wanted to incorporate the Lato font I had been using on all of the images and a script font.But I kind of hated the end result from Canva, but it was a good starting point. Hilliary started working on the script font for the logo, and I brainstormed a way to package all of the font.

Hilliary working Logo script

I imported the lettering into Photoshop and cleaned it up a little. Then added a bit of this and a bit of that and TA-DA! Keeping the Creativity has come to life in a logo!

Final Logo