About Madison

About Madison Miles, Founder of Keeping the Creativity

Madison MilesHi! Thanks for wanting to know more about me and my site! Starting this website is a huge opportunity for me to have an outlet to create and collaborate on the things that I love. Striving to stay creative and keep up with my writing/design skills, I created this site. I am excited to continue the Keeping the Creativity name/brand going. I have huge long term goals for this website. I hope you decide to join in and keep up with my journey.

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Still want to know more about me?

1. I love lists.
2. I love school supplies, paper, planners, pens, you name it. I have a serious problem.
3. I am the pickiest eater you will ever meet.
4. I currently live in Birmingham, AL, one of the coolest cities in the southeast.
5. I am the opposite of graceful.
6. I have a weakness for ice cream.
7. I am horrible at coming up with fun facts about myself.
Madison Miles
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